/ Pratik Mallya

Inquisitive Mind Seeks to Build Things

There are few things that make inquisitive minds more excited than a good challenge. An opportunity to tackle a difficult problem. Building systems that do so is the best feeling in the world. Seeing others build such systems is inspiring.

Google AI published a kinda, sorta annual summary and the presentation is quite spectacular. I watched the Apollo 11 documentary, and it was awesome. Difficult problems require long term, sustained efforts to address correctly. It seems sad that the US no longer pursues such long term investments as it did before. I hear drone technology and precision munitions are getting better though; so I guess that’s where the investments are going.

The beautiful thing about the Apollo mission was its universal nature. These are projects that unite not just the country, but all of humanity. Its really what one would expect the richest nation on earth to devote its time and resources to. Let the diplomats figure out how to keep peace on earth, focus resources on building spaceships rather than aircraft carriers.

Such an effort would perhaps provide the much needed increase in well paying jobs as the economy is re-oriented towards incredibly high tech investments. There is a glut of PhD in the basic sciences; space would perhaps provide economic oppurtunities for all those minds. Welfare for the highly educated. Maybe one of them will find a cure for cancer.